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Now more than ever local businesses in Barnet need resident support. Our high streets are the soul to our local economies, creating jobs for local people and bringing communities together.

The Big Barnet Discount Club is an initiative aimed at encouraging residents to shop and use the services of local independent businesses on and off our High Streets and Broadways.

Big Barnet Discount Club

We not only want to encourage Barnet residents to shop local but reward them for doing so. Membership is free and all you have to do is register online to gain access to local discounts and rewards for shopping at our participating businesses.


How it



To access all these amazing discounts you will first need to fill out the registration form. Registration is free and you must live in the borough of Barnet to be eligible.


Once you have completed the registration form, we will send you your unique registration number. This is to help us identify you and must be included on your loyalty card.


Pick up one of our loyalty cards from any of our participating businesses throughout Barnet to receive discounts and collect stamps every time you shop.


Once your loyalty card is full, you can enter our prize draws. All you have to do is send your card to us or take it to your local drop off point.


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